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The Gangster Tour: A Unique Missouri Experience

Kansas City, Missouri was home to some of the country’s most notorious gangsters.  From the Civella family to the other famous bosses of the time, Kansas City was a prime spot for the “American Mafia”.  Today, this is acknowledged with a Gangster Tour, Sponsored by the Kansas City Transportation Group all year round.

Tour Tidbits

As featured on the Travel Channel, tours run for 90 minutes every Saturday.  Tours depart from historic Union Station, and features an interactive look at the Pendergast era from 1920 to 1945.  Guests can view life in the 1920’s, where Prohibition (and speakeasies) reigned the streets.  Some people say that ghosts of the infamous Kansas City Massacre can be heard. 

Kansas City Masscare

The Kansas City Massacre took place in July of 1933.  It featured a gang leader and his cronies, who had the intent to free a Federal Prisoner named Frank “Jelly” Nash.  Nash escaped prison and was pursued by the FBI all over the United States and Canada. After Nash’s friends found out about his second apprehension in Hot Springs, they staged an assault at the Union Station, where Nash and others were ultimately killed.  The Travel Channel encounters remnants of this altercation in the form of ghostly apparitions during their Gangster Tour.

The Pendergast Machine

The Pendergast Machine, one of America’s most notorious crime networks, had its roots in Kansas City.  The gangster tour explains why this system controlled the very fabric of life and Kansas City politics. From 1900, to 1940, Kansas City was ruled by Bosses Thomas and James Pendergast.  Tom controlled Kansas City from 1925 to 1939 as a leading corrupt political boss, who favored others and gave them jobs they didn’t necessarily come by honorably.  He was later arrested for tax evasion. Elder brother James Pendergast is labeled as the first big power boss of Kansas City.  There is still a statue of this Pendergast on Quality Hill today. 

The Kansas City Gangster Tour also features visits to local speakeasies and other mob boss’s houses.  It is an excellent look at history of the 1920’s, and is a big part of Kansas City culture to this day.

Please visit http://www.thekctours.com/gangster-tour.html for more information about the Gangster Tour.

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy this peek into Kansas City lore and mob culture.  Just beware of ghosts at the Station. 

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