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Unique Dining in Missouri

Missouri is home to many unique eateries, from tasty BBQ dishes to southern fried tidibits and many others. From Kansas City, St. Louis, to Branson, Missouri has something for everyone!

Alligators, Sharks, and other Marine Fare

Many places in Missouri are famous for their alligator cuisine.  These include Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine in Cape Girardeau, which is noted for its signature, marinated gator tails. They are coated with Cajun seasoning, fried and served with Broussard’s cocktail sauce. Also, alligator, served as either an appetizer or a meal, is on the menu at PC’s Elkhorn Steakhouse in downtown Chillicothe.  Tastes like…chicken?  If shark is what you’re hankering for, visit Syberg’s restaurant, with various locations around the St. Louis area. They offer shark chunks appetizer, made with bits of mako shark, along with their famous Syberg shark steak. These options are for the more adventurous eater who may be bored with the typical seafood fare!

Traditional BBQ

Looking for some traditional, classic Barbeque food? Missouri Hick B-B-Q, located in Cuba, Missouri, offers a classic Southern setting with the feel of a rustic barn. Another restaurant, Casper’s, located in Springfield, is noted for its chili and is possibly the oldest restaurant in the city.  In Tipton Ford, the Undercliff Grill and Bar is quite literally carved out of a cleft in a rock wall!

Other Unique Eateries

*The Hangar, located in the college town of Maryvile. It is an air travel themed restaurant and movie theater, with an airplane literally crashed through the wall!  Parachutes dangle from the ceiling.

*Prison Brews, in Jefferson City, plays up the prison theme while offering its guests “Go to Jail Ale”, among other goodies.

*Wimpy’s Sandwich Shop in Washington, for those with strong stomachs- try the deep-fried brain sandwich!  It’s exactly what it sounds like.

As one can see from this article, Missouri has something for everyone and every palate. 

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