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St. Louis: In the Middle of it All!

St. Louis is located in Eastern Missouri, and is the second largest city in the state.  With French roots, St. Louis is now one of the largest cities in the country.  It is home to attractions, sports teams, and a booming economy.

Geography and Population

St. Louis is 66.2 square miles of land and 4.2 square miles of water.  Most of the area is a gently rolling prairie, but the Missouri River and Mississippi river valleys become large, with flood plains.  The eastern border of Missouri is the Mississippi River. The climate is typically humid, but has 4 distinct seasons. St. Louis is now home to over 318,000 citizens. 

Culture of St. Louis

With its French and Native American roots, St. Louis remains a center of Roman Catholicism in the country.  The Basilica of St. Louis, King of France, remains the oldest church in the city.  The city is also known for its roots in jazz, blues, and ragtime. Popular foods include St. Louis style pizza and toasted ravioli, among other tasty treats. 

Healthcare, Business, Etc.

St. Louis is known to be a center of medicine and biotechnology, with some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country.  Barnes-Jewish Hospital is the fifth largest hospital in the world, and provides healthcare to citizens all over the country. The rivers of St. Louis play a large role in the economy of both the city and the state of Missouri.  They are effective in moving goods, including bulk goods such as grain, coal, salt, and petroleum among others.

Perhaps the most notable object in the St. Louis skyline is the Gateway Arch, or the “Gateway to the West”.  A monument dedicated to western expansion of the country, the Arch is the tallest memorial in the United States and remains the tallest stainless steel monument in the world. It remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States and a symbol of United States expansion culture. IT solidifies St. Louis’s claim as a division between established Eastern culture and as yet unclaimed Western culture.


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