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Johnny Robinson
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Former EMT Instructor; Certified in Shelter Management; Certified in Civil Defense; Certified Medication Technician
Founder CEO
Expertise In
Disaster Ops support Preparedness training
Company Name
Southern Missouri Emergency Services
Years Of Experience In Industry
35 Years
Emergency Rescue Services
Type of Business
Non Profit Emergency Services
Products / Services Offered

Goals of organization:

1) Bring the Medical Response in Hostile Environments class from Ohio State University to Missouri and other areas as well to prepare individuals and groups training for future disasters and any possible economic collapse of America: see at

2) Bring the Rural Medical Assistant Program from India to support the failing health system in America. Our plan is to combine the 6-month Rural Medical Assistant program from India with the 6-month Emergency Paramedic program from the United States.

My weakness is writing; I am trying to complete a 5 to 10-page proposal to present to the administration at the University of Missouri-Columbia Medical Center where a staff member has promised me that it will be read by all of the administration and considered for implementation.

This can put thousands of Americans back to work and fill a huge gap in the American healthcare and we plan on offering this class onboard the 3rd proposal below for individuals around the world.

Rural Medical Assistants triage rural health patients and refer those needing immediate medical care to medical centers and doctors in Indias metropolitan centers; they can diagnose and prescribe non-controlled medications for minor medical illnesses.

3) Aircraft/Helicopter carrier conversions to disaster supply ships: we would like to take decommissioned carriers and convert it to hold TONS of nonperishable foodstuffs and other disaster-support supplies - hundreds of pallets of sleeping bags tents and blankets  ham radios and hi-band transceivers windup/solar radios et al....along with other disaster supplies a minimum number of helicopters flight crews and maintenance personnel (mechanics cargo specialists etc.) would be maintained for fast delivery of disaster supplies to waiting emergency crews in any country hit by a natural or man-made disaster.

An onboard university would offer the Rural Medical Assistant-Paramedic (above) as well as ham radio training Emergency Medical training  and associated disaster training so that the onboard college students will be prepared to assist at any disaster which the carrier responds to...additional classes in scuba and environmental oceanography could be added at a later date.

4) National Fraternity of Special Events Motorcycle Teams: a national fraternity of motorcyclists and specially-equipped motorcycles to provide first aid security assistance and traffic control for nonprofit fundraisers such as bike rides and other community events. 

Upon completion of CERT and First Responder training they shall be able to respond to requests from area police and sheriff offices. See rough draft at:

 5) Disaster Fire Battalions for southern Missouri: for 30 years I have attempted to set up regional disaster fire battalions for the rural fire departements who are stretched to handle local everyday fires locally as it is.

In addition the proposal called for a regional Fire Equipment Loaner Program to cover the small rural fire departments of southern Missouri  and two fire banks located in St. Louis and Kansas City MO to refurbish and distribute the badly-needed used fire equipment to the southern Missouri rurla fire protection districts

Mark Warnick the founder and former CEO of Helping Our Own the first (Gainesville MO) fire bank wanted to take my disaster fire battalion proposal nationwide and I was personally contacted by fire officials from Ohio and Colorado about the disaster fire battalions proposal before FEMA initiated their own disaster fire equipment plan.

Candice Adams the Springfield MO FEMA representative told me in 1998 that there was no need for disaster fire battalions in southern Missouri or elsewhere.

I would still like to complete the regional fire equipment loaner program and the two Missouri Fire Banks portions of my original proposal located at:

Company Website
none at present
Affiliations / Awards

Member of the first junior high (9th grade) class allowed to enroll in the senior high Air Force Jr. ROTC program at West Plains High School West Plains class won the Outstanding Flight ribbon that year (1971-72) and well as the Academic Achievement ribbon.

As the first Flight/class Cadet Commanding Officer I won the Outstanding Cadet ribbon that year. Commanded the Jr. ROTC Drill Team at the high school. Sports letter in track; held the school record for a few years in distance running.

Attended the first coed Army ROTC Cadet training in the summer of 1975; my poem "Listen To The Drill Sergeants" was published in the last summer ROTC newspaper that cycle.

Board of Directors of several small nonprofits in SW Mo and Springfield in the past.

Golden Key National Honor Society member.

Founder and CEO Southern Missouri Emergency Services.

Favorite Business Publication
JEMS FEMA Publications
Favorite Vacation Place
anywhere with a good book
Hobbies / Sports
Place of Birth
West Plains MO
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